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Connect Yahoo mail into Gmail, via POP3

Recently my Gmail unable to import mails via POP3 of my yahoo mail. The error was There was a problem connecting to Server returned error: "Connection timed out: There may be a problem with the settings you added. Please contact your other email provider to verify the correct server name and port." These are the steps to re-enable: 1.  Sign in and go to your Account security page . 2. Click  Generate app password  or  Manage app passwords . 3. Select your app from the drop down menu and click  Generate . 4. Follow the instructions below the password. 5. Click  Done . 6. Use this app password and your email address to sign in to your email app. Reference of above steps Copy paste the password into the Gmail connect account, and voila! it works, ^^

Arduino as ISP Program Atmega8A Bare Chip

Unable to find Atmega8A in the Arduino target Board ?  1. search board board.txt 2. usually could be found in <arduino-root-dir>/hardware/arduino/board.txt 3. copy paste (warning this is arduino 1.6.9 look-like) scroll until you find ## Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega8 ## ------------------------------ And add this block of code after, atme

CableSense ioT, part 1

Introduction Hi techies, this is the first part of my product release journal. Starting with simple practical  electronic project, of a loop wire as antena connected to NPN a Darlington-setup to sense  if a wire is 'hot', where electrical charge flows through it.  The story behind of the simple built is that my electrical water-jet pump being active for long period of time, a sign of leaking or left-open water valve. It frustrate me so much, increasing  electricity and water bills and the worse part is wasting the fresh water and fossil fuel. I were thinking for several approach to detect the leakage and stumbled-upon the simple schematic, after seeing the wide range usage of the 'hot' wire sensing, to detect turned-On appliances to AC. I've decided to go with the schematic built and go further with adding Wemos module, a board that has microcontroller (uC) with bluetooth and internet-access feature. The board sense the active wire, do log and send the log into the

Cable Sensor Circuit Detects SMPS Faulty of PC Accidentally

Building this nice simple yet practical circuit saved me alot. Okay, i got this circuit design from multiple of websites and i built mine. a. b. Circuit drawn with  easyeda Result 1 2 Video After successful built it is time to test, i moved the detector to nearby cable, plug the cable and switch On, voila works like charm! Then click switch Off the detector Led would still On but dimmer... After troubleshooting  circuit just works fine with other cable that is not in switches-hub i tested earlier. Weird? i started to plugged off all cables one by one, until i unplugged PC'  power cable. The detector Led stop completely... Nah! i now there is something going on during the SMPS of my PC got plug in. It is still `On` and dr