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ReactNative Error no such file or directory: '.../node_modules/react-native-maps/lib/ios/AirGoogleMaps/DummyView.m'

If you eve encounter the same situation clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/adesantoasman/.../node_modules/react-native-maps/lib/ios/AirGoogleMaps/DummyView.m' Then simply do these: 1. go to the  node_modules/react-native-maps/lib/ios/AirGoogleMaps/ 2. the copy cp AIRDummyView.h DummyView.h cp AIRDummyView.m DummyView.m 3. edit the content of respective files to DummyView.h =========== // //  AIRDummyView.h //  AirMapsExplorer // //  Created by Gil Birman on 10/4/16. // #ifdef HAVE_GOOGLE_MAPS #import @interface DummyView : UIView @property (nonatomic, weak) UIView *view; - (instancetype)initWithView:(UIView*)view; @end #endif DummyView.m =========== // //  AIRDummyView.m //  AirMapsExplorer // //  Created by Gil Birman on 10/4/16. // #ifdef HAVE_GOOGLE_MAPS #import #import "DummyView.h" @implementation DummyView - (instancetype)initWithView:(UIView*)view {   if ((self = [super init])) {     self.view = view

IONIC2, Error Metadata version mismatch for module node_modules/@ionic-native/file/index.d.ts, found version 4, expected 3

Refer to this  and make sure to modify the package.json     "@ionic-native/file": "^4.3.3", to     "@ionic-native/file": "4.3.3", and yarn install. Hope it helps

ReactNative, pod install, Archive faliled with duplicate *.o

Refer to I resolved this issue and succesfully implemented GMaps on IOS simulator by the followings: (ref.: ) Open Xcode > Pods > Targets Support Files > Pods-{TARGET-NAME} find "OTHER_LDFLAGS" and remove only "-ObjC" in these two files: Pods-{TARGET-NAME}.release.xcconfig & Pods-{TARGET-NAME}.debug.xcconfig Go to project main target > Build Settings > Other Linker Flags: Make sure no "-ObjC" is left in the value I deleted the build/Build folder in ios and run-ios again. It works now. Also make sure you have enable Google Maps SDK for iOS on Google APIs console (only enabling API key will not success) Side effects from the link above: the app may become larger as there may be duplicated symbols during compile Hope can help you. P.S. Not yet try on real d