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ionic2 Android, Build failed version 9.2.0 is needed for the google-services plugin

You could edit a file of platforms/android/cordova-plugin-fcm/xxx-FCMPlugin.gradle At the end of the file shows dependencies { compile '' compile '' } Modify to, dependencies { compile '' compile '' } Then recompile, hope it helps ^^

ionic2 ios xcode failed at Linking with duplicate symbols

ionic2 projects are very sensitive with its node_modules and dependencies, to me personally. And bad luck came to me when i rename my project name. And the iOS platform has to be recreate. Running: $ ionic cordova platform rm ios $ ionic cordova platform add ios Starting all my problems. After successfully running $ cordova platform rm ios $ corvoda build ios Everything went smooth event i can archive and upload to TestFligtth And the day after, i had to compile and release in Android. The 1st problem starts the $ionic/core had thrown version is '4' expected is '3'. After several time of remove node_modules/ dir and npm install with no luck. I decided to $ npm cache clean --force $ npm install $ cordova platform rm android $ cordova platform rm ios $ cordova platform add android@6.3.0 $ cordova platform add ios@4.5.4 I don't really sure if that is the root of all evil, anyway the Android was smooth. And i need to be sured that smooth to ios to

cordova build android, Error spawn EACCES

Reference too cordova build --verbose android  helps identifying a necessary is the solution. It will shows which gradle being used. As per my case `$ which gradle ` shows to /usr/local/bin/gradle but the cordova execution refers to Android Studio' gradle. Hope it help ^^