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LAMPP Couldn't start MySQL!

Today i've experienced that MySQL of XAMPP 1.7.7 (Linux) couldn't be started. I am using F14 64bit, after several duckduckgo and google finally a light. Here is the how to: 1. chown -Rf myself.mygroup /opt/lampp/var/mysql (**note that your lampp installation path may be vary, to keep it simple i use the default) 2. edit the /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf [mysqld] user = nobody to user = myself *) modify myself and mygroup to your linux username and group Thats it, run the mysql, /opt/lampp/lampp startmysql and hopefully it will start with any problem.

CakePHP Croogo Plugins CSS.

I had solved how to load plugin css in Croogo CMS. Simply add these, in app/plugin/ myplugin /views/helpers/ myplugin.php public function beforeRender() { if($this->Layout->View !== false) { $this->Layout->View->addScript($this->Html->css('/myplugin/css/myplugin')); } } and in app/plugin/ myplugin /config/myplugin_bootstrap.php make sure you have declared // As in Croogo documentation // Home → Wiki → Developers → Plugins → Hooks // To hook your plugin's ExampleHelper // (at app/plugins/example/views/helpers/example.php) // in ALL controllers: Croogo::hookHelper('*', 'Myplugin.Myplugin'); Hope it helps, happy baking.

CakePHP Captcha component with Securimage

I had made some changes so the component could work with cakePhp 1.3, or at least it works in my application. The original article is here , download the latest and the code i have modified. Make sure you have: 1. Copied the component file into your app/controllers/components. 2. Copied the view file into your app/views/element/ 3. To use "captcha_code" field form input. You could "diff" to see what changes i had made in the code, specially the component file. Hope it helps. Happy baking.