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JAVASCRIPT KeyPress Return Modified KeyCode

Streesss.. yup trying to solve a problem, that everytime a user hit single or double quote inside input or textarea the keyCode should be return ` or `` respectively. Googling and found: 1.  Dispatching Custom Event 2.  Clever get cursor and insert char Solution The #2 is my best solution. Also learn new stuf with #1. This is a short article but will found very useful with the links. Keep coding.

LXDE Screenshot

Migrating from Gnome3 to LXDE  is so much fun! Experiencing lightweight desktop. But hitting my PrtSc  resulting no respon... What? Argghh i have to added manually. The keybinding of PrtSc to LXDE. Calm down.. it wont hurt you anyway. Here is the How-to: 1. $ sudo yum install -y scrot 2. create a bash-script then copy-paste and name it #!/bin/bash scrot '%Y-%m-%d%H:%M:%S_scrot.png' -e 'mv $f /home/adesanto/Pictures' 3. $ sudo chmod a+x 4. Copy the script to /usr/local/bin/ 5. Add this code into ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml        6. $ openbox --reconfigure For additional feature i would like to have a click or snap sound whenever my PrtSc button got hit/press. Edit the to scrot '%Y-%m-%d%H:%M:%S_scrot.png' -e 'mv $f /home/adesanto/Pictures' && paplay /opt/android-sdk-linux/samples/android-13/AccessibilityService/res/raw/sound_view_clicked.ogg

LXDE, Lightweight Desktop. Touchpad Tap to be Disabled

My installed Fedora 19  is shipped with Gnome3  as default desktop, actually i downloaded the installer which Gnome3 default. The experiences learned that most of the applications run kinda unstable and specially when my system wake-up from sleep or hibernation. My frequent applications are: 1. GVim 2. Chrome (browser) 3. sqldeveloper 4. Terminal 5. Skype 6. Empathy Whenever the Sqldeveloper runs the problem starts to rise. The Gnome-shell could hit to 430MB++, sqldeveloper usually hits around 400MB++, and the other applications shrink my 4GB memory to +-700MB free left. Lucky to me to drop Eclipse as primary IDE/Editor, usually takes around 500MB++. Browsing on the net returned me with Cinnamon as lightwright desktop, but hummm... wait. Somebody talks about LXDE , glorius victory! I just punch the keyboard straight $ sudo yum -y install @lxde Hurrayy! But wait.. my touchpad seems to sensitive. Setting using Keyboard/Mouse at Prefferences does not help to reduce the