LXDE, Lightweight Desktop. Touchpad Tap to be Disabled

My installed Fedora 19 is shipped with Gnome3 as default desktop, actually i downloaded the installer which Gnome3 default. The experiences learned that most of the applications run kinda unstable and
specially when my system wake-up from sleep or hibernation. My frequent applications are:
1. GVim
2. Chrome (browser)
3. sqldeveloper
4. Terminal
5. Skype
6. Empathy

Whenever the Sqldeveloper runs the problem starts to rise. The Gnome-shell could hit to 430MB++,
sqldeveloper usually hits around 400MB++, and the other applications shrink my 4GB memory
to +-700MB free left. Lucky to me to drop Eclipse as primary IDE/Editor, usually takes
around 500MB++.

Browsing on the net returned me with Cinnamon as lightwright desktop, but hummm... wait.
Somebody talks about LXDE, glorius victory! I just punch the keyboard straight

$ sudo yum -y install @lxde

Hurrayy! But wait.. my touchpad seems to sensitive. Setting using Keyboard/Mouse at Prefferences
does not help to reduce the touchpad Tap sensitivity. Browsing.. aha! Use gpointing-device-settings!

$ sudo yum -y install gpointing-device-settings

Run... select the tapping and disable. Problem solved and very happy with LXDE.
All my applications are run smooth, the 7 frequently used mentioned before.