Arduino as ISP Program Atmega8A Bare Chip

Unable to find Atmega8A in the Arduino target Board ? 

1. search board board.txt
2. usually could be found in <arduino-root-dir>/hardware/arduino/board.txt
3. copy paste (warning this is arduino 1.6.9 look-like)

scroll until you find

## Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega8

## ------------------------------

And add this block of code after,

Notice that the difference is by adding ""
Since most of the chips/dev-board is using the 16MHz X-tal, and for my project requirement,
had to use the factory setting and run in minimum power consumption mode.

Program your UNO R3 or any Arduino dev-board to `Arduino as ISP` you could find it in
the example sketchbook. 

Good luck ^^