CableSense ioT, part 1


Hi techies, this is the first part of my product release journal. Starting with simple practical 

electronic project, of a loop wire as antena connected to NPN a Darlington-setup to sense 

if a wire is 'hot', where electrical charge flows through it. 

The story behind of the simple built is that my electrical water-jet pump being active for long

period of time, a sign of leaking or left-open water valve. It frustrate me so much, increasing 

electricity and water bills and the worse part is wasting the fresh water and fossil fuel.

I were thinking for several approach to detect the leakage and stumbled-upon the simple schematic,

after seeing the wide range usage of the 'hot' wire sensing, to detect turned-On appliances to AC.

I've decided to go with the schematic built and go further with adding Wemos module, a board

that has microcontroller (uC) with bluetooth and internet-access feature.

The board sense the active wire, do log and send the log into the internet that later could be view

as summary etc. The board itself has SerialNumber for client identificacation, bluetooth mode that 

toggled via switch that received setting etc and toggled switch of the internet or active logging mode.

The first edition would only focus to these operations and there will be a later followup of a smart 

switch or relay to toggle the hot wire to On/Off. Part one would covered the schematic, board wiring, 

software and some unique ID setup.


Drawn using

The built

Attach with Arduino

Lets continue to the 2nd part.. ^^.