Project OSRM , Setup

Following steps to setup OSRM project:

a. Download the region or the PBF file from
b. Waiting for #c to be done ^^, get you some popcorn please..
c. Run Extract, partition and customize
    $ docker run -t -v "${PWD}:/data" \
       osrm-extract -p /opt/car.lua \

    $ docker run -t -v "${PWD}:/data" \
       osrm-partition /data/indonesia-latest-230317.osrm
    $ docker run -t -v "${PWD}:/data" \
       osrm-customize /data/indonesia-latest-230317.osrm
d. Run the image
    $ docker run -t -i -p 5000:5000 -v "${PWD}:/data" \
 osrm-routed \
          --algorithm mld /data/indonesia-latest-230317.osrm


curl ",-6.9191728;107.5985437,-6.8434083?steps=true&geometries=geojson"

The result quite long, but let me extract the geometries at the beginning of the jsonfile,



Copy paste to

Hope this helps ^^