XCode duplicate symbol architecture arm64


Yup i came across, when XCode build Archive the error were ld: 362 duplicate symbols for architecture arm64. The solution is the provided link.

Open Podfile and check the bottom part:
supposed to show something like

post_install do |installer|
  installer.pods_project.targets.each do |target|
    if target.name == "React"

Quotes answer from Alexandre Lage
I solved this issue by the following: (ref.: https://github.com/react-community/react-native-maps/issues/718)
  1. Open Xcode > Pods > Targets Support Files > Pods-{TARGET-NAME} find "OTHER_LDFLAGS" and remove only -ObjC in these two files:
Pods-{TARGET-NAME}.release.xcconfig e Pods-{TARGET-NAME}.debug.xcconfig
  1. Go to project main target > Build Settings > Other Linker Flags: Make sure no -ObjC is left in the value I deleted the build/Build folder in ios and run your project again.
It works now.
Side effects from the link above: the app may become larger as there may be duplicated symbols in it.
Hope it can help you.

If you see none, that add that one and then execute $ pod install
so the Pods project would be rebuild.

thank you ^^