Usbasploader Hardware Does Not Recognized nor Detected, [SOLVED]

Weird thing happens today, i had written a post how i get my usbasploader board up and running.
And did add some troubleshooting. On my new board the Zener diode 3.3V of D- line is the caused.
I accidently removed got it wrong placed, the arrow pointing to Ground, and my computer had it
detected as Usbasp. But the problem only apply to my new Atmega8A-16PU and Atmega328P-PU.
Works perfect with or without Zener on D- line to my older production year of Atmega8A-16PU and

Atmega8 too.

And also i got so many times failling to have it jump to bootload though the jumper bit is active low.
I just reset the chip rapidly and after 2-3 times of reset it is always detected. Drop me a message
if your board is still not be able be detected. Anyway my usbasploader boards none of them
working on Windows XP, lets forget that OS anyway. :D

Actually replacing the zener 3v6 with Fairchild 55C 3V6
500mW does fix the problem and the device is more stable
as it shown in the schematic.
These are the glass Zener 3v6
500mW Fairchild

Zener diode to replace the ones on
soldered board