Linux XUbuntu 14.04 Unlocked My blocked Wifi

Wow! Yes XUbuntu 14.04 deserved it. My Lenovo Ideapad Y450 Laptop had its wifi lock bit set.
Well it was locked by the technician whom repaired the charger IC. Lack of linux knowledge leaded
the technician to use winOS to boot my laptop by simply replace the harddrive. Disabled the wifi
by software and did not switch it back on.

I've been using Fedora for about 7 years. In Fedora 20, i have no idea to switch it back on.
Goggling and several trial and error had been attempted with no success. Okay, i dropped the case
and no longer want to find out how to switch it back on since i have a free wifi modem and got it
connect with cable therefor internet backs on!

After using the Fedora 20 for a while i think my hardware had defected and leads to unstable operation.
And the most of all is that my Chrome browser could not even stand out for 5 minutes. It crashes frequently
and so the desktop ( XFCE4 ). Curious if it is really hardware problem, i download the Chromium browser
project and tried to build it on linux. Arggh! The installer only build for ubuntu distro starts version of 10
through 14.

Ok! i download the XUbuntu 14.04 and using `dd` to create a liveUSB. Plugin and boot, Aha! my
wifi is now accessible and it is alive! Nice, now i have my wifi back to service :P and time to
build and debug the chromium browser.