USBAspLoader with Atmega16A-PU Atmega16 Atmega32A-PU Atmega32

Running USBAspLoader atmega8A-16PU with no problem. It was a very victorious moment.
Since i am a newbie in micro-controller. Began with a little conversation in the electronic group.
That somebody has a problem to get the USBAspLoader run in atmega16. Thanks to him,
i encouraged myself to fork the source code at github and succeeded.

Here are the steps to setup everything to work (well i works in my case):
1. Clone or Download the code from the github.
2. The already set the target MCU to atmega16 with xtal 16MHz
3. Plugin your ISP ( i use my cloned arduino as ISP)
4. Modify if necessary to match-up your programmer.
    ( i use avrdude and notice i have set the -P /dev/ttyACM0, modfiy
      to match yours)
5. Goto the directory above firmware directory.
    $ make fuse
    $ make flash
6. At the hardware site make sure to arrange the 2 capacitors as described in 
    the schematic.

As you could noticed, the schematic is taken from metaboard and applies the same with Atmega16A. 
The jumper needs to be actived low to enable bootloader mode. Thus if the jumper
removed it will be running the program inside the Flash memory. Another catch-up 
was to unplugged arduino or other v-usb device, otherwise the OS 
( am using Fedora 19 64bit kernel 3.11.10-200.fc19.x86_64 ) will 
shows error that the manufacturer not found.

Have fun!