Western Digital External Harddisk: Spinning up Disk Not Responding

My external harddisk acting weird today. And yes my external harddisk is Western Digital.
Here is the full description of my device, right after the 4th attempt that finally worked.

At my 1st attempt this is the screenshot, dmesg shows me that the system trying to spin up
the disk, but failed! I attached the USB cable to one of my laptop 
(LENOVO Y450, Fedora 14 64bit, kernel is usb port.

This the 2nd and i attached the USB cable of my WD external hdd to another port.

Yet it failed. And this is the 3rd attempt, but it showed me that spin up timeout..
Humm.. that was something new.

And at last the 4th is the very first image, at the top, of this article. The system
finally spin up the disk.

Just a personall assumption that my WD Ext-hdd needs warmed-up, since 
it has been 3 months sit inside my drawer. 

Hope this helps..