Annoying Blackberry with "JVM 102 error"

Spending 4 hours just to troubleshoot "JVM 102 Error"
really time wasting and dumb. For almost a year an app,
twitter, sitting in my bb 8900. Never had issue until
this morning. Frequently my device got "white-screen"
and have to release the battery as the "hard-reset".
Everything went well before not this morning. The screen
showed me "JVM 102 error" and a reset button.

Let me think... uhmmm maybe it's just another "bb"
things. Alright just take off the battery and put back
everything will be fine. Argh!! 2 times of reset and took
me almost 15 minutes to get the screen with
"JVM 102 error" and a reset button again! What on
earth is happening?? Ok calm down just do the "hard-reset"
after bed-rest my device for about 10 minutes. Maybe it's
just overheat things well that was in my head. Untill the
"JVM 102 error" shows up again.

Spending hours to search on the web and do the JL_Cmder
things and BBsak didn't help much. Well at least after
done severals trial and error just got these receipt to
get off the error:

1. You must have windowsOS.
    (i used win7 under evaluation)
2. Install the BB device manager.
3. Make sure you run the device manager and
    it goes background.
4. Download BBsak
5. Run BBsak and then plug the USB cable to
    your device.
6. I experienced that the bootup must reach the
    error point to get the device recognition working.
    And 2 computer icons connecting will show up
    in your device.
7. Choose the "misc" tab of BBsak and check the eventLog
8. Use this guide to help you out. For looking up
    which *.cod files causing the error message.
    Remove em!!
9. After the removal your device will auto reset.
    Hopefully you will have your device finish the booting
    so you dont have to wipe it.
10. Backup your device frequently as final tip.

If anyone of you have the experience the same error
and could fixed it up in linuxOS please please i beg you
to share.

Hope it helps