Friday, June 26, 2009

When You Down


Yeah masih rentetan dari artikel "Just 5 Minutes". Have you ever felt down? Well I do and yes I am now in this situation.
One Family see me with my job well... I don't know, they just see no future. And my heart says differently. I see future with the thing am doing, coding in PHP. But sometimes people just want to see what they wanted to see and think what they wanted to think.

They don't see money, indeed, but to me, am investing my time and hard work. And the worst thing is when we have to face the real world, it seems that we are totally lost.
I have just not there yet...

I just wish am still can hold this longer, struggle more, fight more, encouraged more... and in the end they will see that all my hard work and time are not in vain.
Not whissing but trying... Though i feel walking alone...

At the end of this article i just wanted to say,"Hey great success, money, and prosperity I am coming, prepared yourself to welcome me", thx.
Coding with ethic, coding for life. And yes to live this life you need code, code of life. Not easy as spoken but worth to try.

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